Why isn’t there anything here?


Winter's in the post...

Winter’s in the post…

You have found martintoppingimages.wordpress.com.  Unfortunately there’s not much going on here at the moment.   Here in England winter has come (and the heating’s playing up dammit!) so I’m not out and about as much as other times.  My dog still needs her walks and I take my camera out when I can, but this is time when I go through my unedited sprawl of image files and, well, edit them.  Junking all the test shots, the bracketed and badly-exposed or blurry pix, and the ones that are just plain bad.  As I go through this process, I’ve been posting the occasional pic on my Facebook photography page, facebook.com/martintoppingimages.  I plan to post my images here, but haven’t got round to it at the moment.  I will though.  I swear by the twinkling buckle of Orion’s Belt that I shall!

I also have a flickr account, but I haven’t used it for a while.  Something else for me to keep putting off this winter… Go to https://www.flickr.com/photos/martintopping if you want to see some older stuff.

Something else I’ve been planning for years and years is to have my old pre-digital slides scanned.  Stick around and you might get to see those too!  Maybe.

I think I’m spreading myself a bit thinly over the internet.  All my pages means I have presence, but do I really need that much?  Would I be better off sticking to one platform?  If so, which one?  Facebook?  Flickr?  WordPress?  Please tell me your opinion.  Thanks.


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