My dog’s getting old…

"I may be old, but not as old as you!  Bet you keel over before me!"

“I may be old, but not as old as you! Bet you keel over before me!”

I got Deedee in 2007, when she was 2-ish years old.  I decided that Hallowe’en  was her “birthday”; it’s 2015 now, which means she’ll be 10 in October.  And she’s showing her age now: she doesn’t want the long walks we used to take in her youth, and quite a few people I’ve met in the street and who’ve stopped to admire her have commented on the fact she’s getting on.  She’s still big and strong, boisterous in her friendliness, but not quite the nutcase she was when I was given her.

I think big dogs like her have a life expectancy of between 10 and 15.  Fingers crossed she doesn’t kick the bucket too soon, I don’t mind getting a wheelbarrow to push her around in, but obviously I’d prefer her to stay in good shape until she goes off to the kennel in the sky (assuming she doesn’t get sent to dog hell: apparently Satan chases dog hell inmates around with a vacuum cleaner, and she hates vacuum cleaners!).

Anyway, here she is, looking older but still giving it the boisterous bark-barky behaviour. An oldie, but she’s still got that daft grin.  So, here’s to another 10 years of craziness!  Send her your love via the Comments, she is a right attention-hog!



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