2012: Golden Jubilee Whoo-Wee!

I remember, when I was a little boy, in 1977  the Queen’s Silver Jubilee (25th anniversary of her becoming queen) it was a big affair.  Britain was in the economic doldrums, but still there were street parties, TV programmes, newspapers full of our good queen Bess’ antics.

25 years year, 2012, and the atmosphere was very different.  Some people made an effort (Union flags, stuff like the little demonstration of loyalty in the photo below) but it was so underkey.  Some people have tried to blame it on the economic downturn… but 1977 was a crap time too.

Anyway: for purely historical interest: fly the flag!


1977 we thought we’re going to heaven, but by 2012 we were on our way to hell…


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