Creative Commons Licensing

Just so there’s no confusion about whether you can use my photos: yes you can, maybe.  I’ve licensed my work under the Creative Commons Attribution No Derivitives 3.0. If you clicked that link and got spooked by the legalese, don’t fret.  I’ll try and explain what the license means and what you can do with my work.

This license allows other people to use my photographs, with no need to pay fees, so long as you clearly mark on your site that the photo was taken by me (Martin Topping), and stick in a link to where you got the image please.  You can use a photo in its entirety, as long as you do not make any derivitives or changes to it.  And although it is not legally necessary, I would really appreciate it if you could let me know where my image has been used.

Creative Commons ( do a great job, allowing simple re-use of others’ work within clearly displayed conditions.  If you want to use something of mine, but you want to negotiate anything about this (maybe you want to make a derivative) then get in touch, tell me all about what you’re thinking of, and if it’s reasonable, I may well be persuageable to grant you a waiver.  Don’t be a stranger!  I’m always interested in getting my pix to new markets and audiences.  Thanks!



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