I’m back!

Thought I’d been somewhere?  I haven’t… but all this online juggling stuph I tried to do didn’t work out.

Anyway, 2016.  Let’s see if I can keep my posting level up a bit eh?

Here’s one of my dog Deedee.  One of the last, I’m afraid.  In coming posts I’ll show other photos and tell you the story of what happened with my dog.


Deedee, ill


Ruby Red Ruby Ruby… Ruby Ruby Ruby Red…


Ruby, my mate Kev’s lovely red Staffordshire Bull Terrier,  1 January 2015… this time next year nearly all the Earth’s animals will be extinct, we’ll be facing the decision whether to eat “man’s best friend” or the giant mutant rats that will be dragging children down into the toilets… So who – or what – will you be eating??


These snakes belong to a friend of mine.  The orange male is Taipan, the grey/brown female is Little Face.  I’ve never done snake or reptile photography, so my mate’s letting me use his snakes as guinea pigs.  Difficulties abound with the lighting and location, hopefully I’ll learn a lot while hanging with these darlings.

So rude… chewing with his mouth open!

They are fed dead mice, which they constrict then swallow whole.  It’s an amazing spectacle.  I want to go somewhere I can shoot a big constrictor swallowing a gnu or something else sizeable.

Little Face eating her bloody dinner.