I’m back!

Thought I’d been somewhere?  I haven’t… but all this online juggling stuph I tried to do didn’t work out.

Anyway, 2016.  Let’s see if I can keep my posting level up a bit eh?

Here’s one of my dog Deedee.  One of the last, I’m afraid.  In coming posts I’ll show other photos and tell you the story of what happened with my dog.


Deedee, ill


My dog’s getting old…

"I may be old, but not as old as you!  Bet you keel over before me!"

“I may be old, but not as old as you! Bet you keel over before me!”

I got Deedee in 2007, when she was 2-ish years old.  I decided that Hallowe’en  was her “birthday”; it’s 2015 now, which means she’ll be 10 in October.  And she’s showing her age now: she doesn’t want the long walks we used to take in her youth, and quite a few people I’ve met in the street and who’ve stopped to admire her have commented on the fact she’s getting on.  She’s still big and strong, boisterous in her friendliness, but not quite the nutcase she was when I was given her.

I think big dogs like her have a life expectancy of between 10 and 15.  Fingers crossed she doesn’t kick the bucket too soon, I don’t mind getting a wheelbarrow to push her around in, but obviously I’d prefer her to stay in good shape until she goes off to the kennel in the sky (assuming she doesn’t get sent to dog hell: apparently Satan chases dog hell inmates around with a vacuum cleaner, and she hates vacuum cleaners!).

Anyway, here she is, looking older but still giving it the boisterous bark-barky behaviour. An oldie, but she’s still got that daft grin.  So, here’s to another 10 years of craziness!  Send her your love via the Comments, she is a right attention-hog!


Ruby Red Ruby Ruby… Ruby Ruby Ruby Red…


Ruby, my mate Kev’s lovely red Staffordshire Bull Terrier,  1 January 2015… this time next year nearly all the Earth’s animals will be extinct, we’ll be facing the decision whether to eat “man’s best friend” or the giant mutant rats that will be dragging children down into the toilets… So who – or what – will you be eating??

It’s been xmas (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it…)!

Ruby eating her Xmas bones and footballs.  Later, she had duck.  Yum!

Ruby eating her Xmas bones and footballs. Later, she had duck. Yum!

So, readers (viewers?) and followers of… it’s been Xmas, and even though I’m not an Xian it is nevertheless customary to drink excessively and watch crap TV and do very little else during the “holiday season”.  So that’s what I’ve been doing.  I drank half a bottle of vodka and ate half a duck on Xmas day.  So lethargy and general drunkenness has kept me away from here.

Of course, you don’t want to read my half-baked excuses for laziness.  So, (better late than never?) here is a pic of my friend Ruby enjoying a football* and cow skeleton she received as gifts.  As far as footballs* are concerned, Ruby’s like my monster Deedee – she rips ’em up.  Seems a bit wasteful to me: but when you give a present to a dog (or person) the prezzie is theirs, to do with what they wilt.  So, destroy it all you want, pooch (actually she’s already shredded it.  Did I mention my laziness in keeping this photoblog going just lately?).

It’s New Year’s Eve today.  I plan to get drunk.  Ooh yeah fun!

*In Britain, we call “soccer” football.  And “soccer balls” are footballs. We’re right, you’re wrong. So get used to it, yanks.